How to fulfill the protests’ demands in relation to the media

Working in the interest of citizens, and not the government, the REM has the power to:

  • Take away TV Pink and TV Happy’s license for national coverage.
  • Dismiss the Governing Board of RTS and RTV and prevent the influencing of public service providers so that they inform in the public interest and in accordance with the law.
  • React to every kind of violence, deception, call for the persecution of political dissidents and violation of the law in television programs, pending a broadcasting ban.

To stop media violence, present-day REM must be replaced:

  • It is necessary for 20 MPs to initiate the procedure for the removal of REM Council members in the National Assembly.
  • It is necessary that all proposers call on their members in the REM Council to resign. Proposers are: universities, churches and religious communities, councils of national minorities, associations of publishers, journalists, film, stage and drama artists and composers, citizens whose goals are the realization of freedom of expression and the protection of children.

REM must do better in the future:

  • In order for the REM to be independent and professional, MPs must initiate an urgent amendment to the Law on Electronic Media.
  • The urgent amendment to the Law on Electronic Media includes, as a matter of priority: the introduction of criteria for the selection of REM Council members and the removal of parliamentary committees as proposers.
  • After amending the Law, the MPs must urgently initiate the election of the new REM Council in full compliance with the new rules.

In order to stop the spread of violence in the tabloids, the state must stop funding these outlets and all other media that promote violence, and punish the media that break the law:

  • All levels of government, public companies and all institutions founded by the state must immediately stop all forms of funding to media that violate the law in any way on a daily basis, including advertising, projects, public procurement, etc.
  • The Public Prosecutor’s Office must, without exception and without delay, react to all criminal acts in the media, in accordance with the powers prescribed by the Law on Public Information and Media.
  • The courts must urgently rule on the lawsuit filed by citizens’ associations which was prompted by the REM Council’s unlawful decision to renew the national broadcasting licenses for televisions that violated the law. The REM should restart the procedure for the allocation of licenses for national coverage in accordance with the law and the minimum conditions prescribed by the REM.






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