Citizens’ associations demand Minister Martinović’s resignation

We demand the immediate dismissal of the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, as the only acceptable and civilized outcome of his scandalous performance in the National Assembly, with which he grossly insulted the citizens of Serbia. Using fascist rhetoric and dehumanization of political opponents, Martinović, contrary to the Constitution and all laws of the Republic of Serbia, called for discrimination of a large number of citizens, saying that those who do not have children are not equally valuable and cannot have the same rights as those who are parents.

A member of the Government of the Republic of Serbia must not be someone who openly advocates for division into first and second-class citizens and who, for the sake of benefiting from it, is ready to enter the most intimate spheres of citizens’ personal lives and pollute them with the darkest ideological garbage.

Martinović’s performance is a flagrant example of the violence that is generated in the highest state institutions which spills over to the whole society, but also the clearest answer to the question of why citizens have been protesting against violence throughout Serbia for months. In light of the recent mass murder at the elementary school, the fact that Martinović is not only a Minister, but also a University professor, i.e. someone who through the education system influences the formation of generations of young people and the social values they adopt, is even more disturbing.

In addition, we strongly condemn the shameful lack of reaction of the Speaker of the National Assembly, Vladimir Orlić, to Martinović’s insulting of the MPs and citizens of Serbia and the damage this causes to the reputation and dignity of Parliament.


Autonomous Women’s Center

Belgrade Center for Security Policy

Belgrade Center for Human Rights

Center for contemporary politics

Civic initiatives

Youth Initiative for Human Rights

Open Parliament

Partners Serbia

RERI – Renewables and Environmental Regulatory Institute

SHARE Foundation

Slavko Ćuruvija Foundation

YUCOM – The Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights

Association of Successful Women of Kostolac

Užice Center for Children’s Rights

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